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 Ischia Wedding Venues

Amazing locations and settings so perfect settings to seem tailor made. Paradisiacal beaches, panoramic gardens, private villas overlooking the sea, romantic ancient castles, more and more. Just to spoil you with choices to satisfy all tastes, needs and budgets, to live the most beautiful fairytale in style and enchant your guests.

A large part of our cultural richness is represented by the beautiful churches and chapels of various edges and architectural style scattered on our land. These charming artworks can be elegant cathedrals at the centre of the country or cosy ancient chapels in very exclusive locations. A wide range of choice for a really memorable religious wedding.

Exclusive hotels in some of the most beautiful locations in the world offering a perfect atmosphere that can be enriched by personal style in all the details. They can be overlooking the sea, and have centuries old history to tell or both. Endless choices for a unique celebration not to forget. Ischia Wedding offers you a wide range of proposals with the experience needed to help you to choose the scenery that reflects your desires refining it with you personal touch.

Stunning Villas for every desires, furnished in precious and elegant Mediterranean style, that characterize this marvellous land some with fine and wide terraces dropping sheer into the sea, others even with private descent directly into the sea. The ideal solution to share this one in a lifetime moment in total privacy with your relatives and friends, for the wedding celebration or just for the accommodation. Ischia Wedding will offer you complete assistance in showing you all the varies possibilities and helping you to find the one perfect for you.

Ancient sighting towers on the sea, convents and castles with romantic atmosphere of times gone by to celebrate special events in a really unforgettable way. Historical locations that belong to an age between the 13th and the 16th century and reflect that epoch characterized by the Arabic influences from various colonisations. Enchanted location, ideal for a prestigious and at the same time romantic celebration where you will breathe the exiting magic.

Heavenly gardens, exotic and next to the sea neat in all the details. They can be in stunning places with all the most precious flowers or famous Spa Centres in exclusive bays rich of thermal water. Characteristic fragrances, flower paths set unique by thousand of light and colour skims and the sound of the waves of the sea at a few steps of distance make a wedding celebration in one of these gorgeous gardens really exclusive.

Special locations that we strongly recommend, they are just about the combination of huge vineyards, amazing gardens, fragrant orchards with farm animals, joined to an eighteen-century aristocratic palace’s accommodation with Spa Centre and private chapel inside, all of that dressed by the sea at two steps of distance, to create the receipt for the perfect event-vacation to live in a full immersion of nature, sea and…love.

The culmination of a love story on a beautiful and still unspoilt beach, the melody of the Mediterranean sea waves and the unique colours of a sunset as background, all enriched by the most imaginative personal touches. An event in a natural location made perfect by the many services with every attention to details.

Sailing boats and yacht in the middle of the sea, on the top of a mountain with a breathtaking view or on the crater of a volcano. Astonishing venues for a really unique and mould-breaker event, always to remember.


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