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Luxury Hotels

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Ischia is a new destination, however the art of the hospitality is not new at all. Even if the island is quite wide, Luxury Hotels are not so many. The Hotels we work with are absolutely Luxury for the style, the service but specially for the location. Ancient Saracen Towers in a very intimate location on a promontory of the island right on the sea with private bay, modern Resorts and Spas in the heart of the village in the middle of the Movida,Ischia is ready to satisfy every taste in a magic atmosphere.

Private Villas

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Villas in Ischia are probably the most beautiful in all South of Italy. Their architecture reflects the Mediterranean style enriched by the influences of all the dominations endured in the centuries such as Arabic and Spanish, but what makes these villas very special is that most of them has a private descent directly to the sea, a private bay with crystalline sea. Moreover, their terraces with an endless blue panorama are perfect also for a symbolic or protestant ceremony.

Towers and Castles

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Ischia has a long past of colonisations and there are many XV century sighting towers and even some castles. One of a tower became a five stars hotel with a famous Spa center right on the sea with a private bay, a wedding experience that just changes your life! And the Castle is very famous all over the world. The world famous Aragonese castle is located in one of the most beautiful point of the island on a small island a part; connected to Ischia by a little bridge over the sea, can you image a more exclusive wedding?

Botanical and Beach Gardens:

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Ischia is called the “green island” because of the lascious vegetation dominating the island where most of nature express herself in gorgeous gardens award winning in international competitions. Botanical Gardens with a vast variety of flowers not easy to find, Spa Gardens on the sea with private beach, pools and Spa Centers. We recommend the Gardens in Ischia for classy and very glamour weddings.

Luxury agritourism in antique Palace:

agriturismo 1  agriturismo 2
A special location that we strongly recommend, it’s just about the combination of huge vineyards, amazing gardens, fragrant orchards with farm animals, joined to an eighteen-century aristocratic palace accommodation with Spa Centre and private chapel inside, all of that dressed by the sea at two steps of distance, to create the receipt for the perfect event-vacation to live in a full immersion of nature, sea and…love.

Beach Weddings:

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In all the Amalfi Coast Ischia is the only location full of beautiful sandy beaches. Unspoiled bays with crystalline sea and golden sand. Each beach has a different style, some of them are part of spa and beach gardens and they can be an original and nice alternative for a wedding ceremony and celebration with a taste of sea breeze.

Special Venues:

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Ischia is full of many possibilities for original and mould-breaker weddings: the top of a mountain with all the island below for weddings in the sky, on a boat in the ocean, in a wide vineyard and anywhere you wish to celebrate the most important moment of your life.

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