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Ischia Wedding photoes and Video

Although experiencing a destination wedding first hand as a bride or groom is probably one of the most incredible feelings you can ever have, knowing that you will have incredible photos to capture the memory of the event will be a great way to relive your Day in Paradise for decades to come.

In addition to providing a magical and relaxed atmosphere to hold the wedding Ischia Wedding also provides the perfect scenic backdrop for your wedding photos.
Getting photographed in your gorgeous wedding dress and handsome tuxedo, with the people you love in the venue you have ever dreamed is a great feeling. Doing it with a beach or volcano in the background is a once in a lifetime experience.
Once your wedding day has passed and your memories start to fade, your wedding photographs will be a precious reminder of this very special event. Your wedding photographs and videomakers  should have the power to fill you with emotions, to make you laugh, cry and gasp with surprise long after your wedding day has passed!
We selected our photographers among the most professional and versatile. They can capture your special moments to be remembered for ever and ever.


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