Ischia island

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, close to Capri and the Amalfi Coast, Ischia is the biggest island of the Gulf of Naples, it is history and culture from 730 BC to the present day; Ischia is breathtaking landscapes, incomparable colours and flavours; Ischia is Sea so crystal-clear that it is full of dolphins; Ischia is fish cooked in the steam of the hot springs on the seashore; Ischia is the fishermen preparing their nets, and shepherd guarding their flocks on the slopes of Mount Epomeo; Ischia is magnificent depths where the giant Posidonia seaweed grows in abundance, and chestnut woods where here and there the rare wild papyrus can be found; Ischia is a swim at the down in the shadow of the Castle and relaxing in the exclusive thermal parks; Ischia is miraculous waters and wellness, a promise of health and serenity; Ischia is the rare show of antique sighting Towers, golden beaches, naturalistic parks, caves and sleeping volcanoes.

When seeing Ischia for the first time the first thought is how much nature can be generous. Nothing is missing: exclusive beaches, mountain, wellness, nature and night life. Ischia is a unique in the world place and a perfect location to celebrate your wedding, absolutely to share with the ones you love. The choices of churches and chapels for a catholic wedding are endless, been as on a cliff overlooking the sea or in the square of a little picturesque village and the choises are wide for a stunning location for a non-denominational wedding or for reception venues. Ischia is a place that remains eternally in your heart and after seeing it, you will see, no other place can compare.

Amazing locations, unpolluted nature, art, wellness and much fun. The warmth of the people, the see breeze on the face, the marvellous colours. Choosing Ischia as setting of a wedding means to have the certainty that this one in a lifetime moment will be absolutely unforgettable. 

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